Coming out of the Closet … as a Writer

Coming out of the Closet … as a Writer

Until two years I ago I was a closet writer. Poems, short stories, articles. I started writing twelve different books … I wrote fan fiction (Yay Dragonriders of Pern!), I journaled.

The only common theme in all these random pieces of text was the covert nature of their creation. I would spend furtive hours scribbling in my journal, giving voice to my feelings or events of the day. But, I never contemplated sharing my writing … it was only for me.

My writing was MY writing.

During the time I wrote fan fiction for a Dragonriders of Pern group I actively hid my writing, embarrassed that someone I knew would find out… that I thought I could write … that I wrote fan fiction.

The evolution of seeing myself as someone who has a writing voice that has value has been a long process. Certainly, taking classes and being required to submit pages to my classmates helped, as did joining a read and critique group. The light bulb has slowly been illuminating, gathering strength and courage.

Perhaps I reached a tipping point, perhaps I have enough confidence, or maybe I just want to get a book published. Whatever the reason, something woke up. I decided it was time to come out of the closet . . . as a writer.

Words and names have power. Identity is tied to self-description. Fear of failure has stopped me from calling myself what I am . . . a writer.

So, I took a step. I told the world, and more importantly the people I know, that I write. That I find value in my own writing … that I identify as a writer.

The cat is out of the bag!

There is no turning back, no taking back what I said. This blog is part of that process for me; an additional medium to communicate about my writing. I am overwhelmed by support from friends and family, they ask me about the book I’m working on. And to my surprise, they want to read it.

Writing is a surprise everyday. It’s hard. I hate it. I love it. I can’t stop thinking about my book, or the great idea for another story that came to me in the car this morning. My journey continues as a writer, and I’m curious about other writing journeys out there … what is your story? Do you define yourself as a writer?


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