A Reflection on Life

A Reflection on Life

This post is neither travel nor writing related, nor is it food related.  Instead, it is a reflection on life as inspired by my day yesterday…

A moment

Yesterday, we attended a celebration of life for a family member.  It was beautiful.  Sensitive.  Lovely.  Respectful.  And, as is inevitable, it brings my thoughts back to the fragility of life.  This short time we have on earth, and how we spend it.  Our entire life span is only a moment in the passage of this planet’s time.  My take away from yesterday ….  make the most of today.


What do we do with our lives, with the short time we have here?  We have such limited time.   I can only think,  that at the moment when my time here is done, I will think back to things I wish I had done.  Perhaps it will be visiting more places, new countries, or maybe being unafraid to try a new food.  Maybe, I will think back to the people I have influenced … or not… or wished I had.

Do the things I love

Trying to be someone other than I am is never going to help me use my time wisely, as Shakespeare said, “This above all. To thine ownself be true.” (p.s. Happy Birthday Will)   I think, that if we stay true to ourselves, do the things we love, and take care of those we love, our time here is well spent.

What we leave behind

I hope I leave behind love and kindness … and a really good novel.  What do you hope to leave behind?  What are the things you will regret if you don’t do them? Time marches on, and like it or not, takes us with it.


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