Cotswold Cottage Fantasy

Cotswold Cottage Fantasy

It’s been a week since I’ve updated . . . We have relocated from Birmingham, to the last part of our trip.

Cotswold Cottage

Our friend Mouse owns a lovely cottage in the village of South Cerney in the Cotswolds. This cottage is perhaps the most idyllic place I’ve ever been.

In it’s former life, the cottage was known as Draycott – the cart house for the mill up-stream. When sitting inside it is easy to imagine it as a store house/ cart house for the mill.   However, once Mouse purchased it, and renovated it, the cottage has gotten a second lease on life. It now functions as a luxury, self-catered retreat.

We like to pretend it is our very own cottage, hidden away in a quiet, rural village. Last night, we had a quiet dinner in the cottage and listened to the rain on the roof. Outside the river churned and gurgled beneath our windows. You see, the cottage is located on the very tip of a triangular-shaped island, nestled between the River Churn, and the old mill stream.

First Morning

This morning I fed the ducks, which like to sit on the grass outside the front door, and had my coffee. The sun broke out of the clouds while we had our coffee and village life resumed its normal pace. 

The Village

After breakfast, we took a stroll through the village. Everywhere you look, one cottage is more beautiful than the next. Cotswold stone, lit by the sun, takes on a warm honey color glowing with it’s own light. Window boxes, filled with colorful flowers, give the cottages a final touch of magic. Fairy houses, occupied by Titania and her court.

It’s So Quiet

Our friends and relatives have all asked what we’ll do for a week in the country with no car. Our answer – relax and unwind. (I would have said unplug, but I can’t because I’m plugged in right now. But I digress . . .) A week of the river meandering by our window, a week of long afternoons reading, a week of feeding the ducks and watching for the river otters. A week of paradise.

Cotswold Life

As an American tourist, we often fall into the trap of trying to see as much as possible, in the shortest most efficient time. There are thousands of visitors to the Cotswolds today alone. They will drive, park, and shop their way from one village to anther. (Don’t get me wrong, we’ve done that too.) But, sometimes I think the best way to travel is to live and experience life as local people do. The trinkets and stores will still be there, but we have a week of idyllic, country life!

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