Cruiseship Vacations

Cruiseship Vacations

Since this is a writing/travel/food blog today’s post is about my upcoming trip.  Saturday we leave for our next cruise, sailing up the California coast on Ruby Princess.

My friends ask me all the time why I go on so many cruises.  The simple answer — because it’s the most relaxing vacation available.  If you have a hectic life, as I do … and really who doesn’t have a hectic life these days, then a cruise is nothing short of spectacular.  Where else can you spend a week and have all your meals prepared, your room cleaned, your bed turned down, 24 hour activities?

There is simply nothing better than falling asleep to the gentle rocking of the ship as you sail from port to port, knowing that the most difficult decision you will have to make is whether to have steak or chicken for dinner.

Now, I freely admit that when I am on vacation I prefer spending a good deal of time in the quiet of my cabin reading a book and enjoying an adult beverage on my balcony.  At this point the non believers ask, But there are so many people on the ship, why would you want to deal with it?  Yes there are a lot of people.  But for most of the time onboard you run into a few people at a time.  And, as I said above, I spend a lot of time reading and relaxing in my cabin or on a balcony.  Over the years I have fallen asleep in the shade of the promenade deck more times than I can count.

Everyday a newsletter is delivered to your doorstep outlining the myriad activities available for that day.  Everything from dance classes to blackjack lessons.  When I first started cruising I would run from one activity to another, filling my days with fun.  Now, I look at the list and think about the activities that sound fun, before I dismiss them for the option of hardcore relaxation with a good book and a sea breeze.

Next week when I’m sailing up the California coast, pulling in to San Francisco harbor or anchored off Santa Barbara, I will not have to unpack in each of these places.  Instead I will saunter off the ship in downtown San Francisco, enjoy the day, pick up treats at an Italian bakery and return to a clean room that moves to the next port of call.

Perhaps another time I will own up to the total number of cruises I’ve been on, but for today we will just say that I have sailed enough to know whereof I speak.

I will end this post with my top five reasons to go on a cruise:

  • Relaxing
  • Everything taken care of
  • Unpack once
  • Visit amazing locations
  • Easy

Thoughts? Comments? Disagreements?

2 thoughts on “Cruiseship Vacations

  1. I keep meaning to take a cruise someday… But I like the freedom of wandering from place to place without being afraid I’ll (literally!) miss the boat.

    Then again, I’m also much more likely to be found clinging for dear life to a rock in a river than I am in a hammock. I also tend to just live out of my backpack, rather than unpacking anything.

    Do you do a lot of the formal shore excursions on these cruises? Or do you tend to go it alone once on shore? (I recall the one cruise I took as a kid, they had things like a donkey ride somewhere)

  2. Cate, you are far more adventurous than I. But I think cruising is as much about the relaxation as it is about the travel.
    I personally think everyone could benefit from a cruise, but again it’s as much about letting go as it is about experiencing things.
    In answer to your question, we have done some organized tours, especially in ports where I feel less confident. However, I am just as likely to wander around a port on my own or book a driver, or use Uber to get from place to place. When we were in Oslo last year we had a great day ashore by combining a cab ride, a long walk through a fort, a visit to the Munch museum.

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