Yes, it’s confession time.  I might be a little bit … or a lot… afraid.


I am almost done with the revision to my second novel, Light and Shadow.  I will be cleaning up the last few things over the next week and putting it to bed for now.  It has gone through a year and half of read and critique group, a beta reader or two, and now one BIG revision, complete with a new ending (That’s three different endings so far if you’re counting.)

Is it Ready?

How do you know when your work is ready?  I’ve read so many different perspectives on the matter.  The consensus seems to be, it’s done when you feel you have made it as good as you possibly can.  So, for now this revision is going to be it.  Perhaps in the future I will change my mind.  But for now, I am just about there.  I suspect that once I say it’s done that I will find twelve things I need to change . . .

So, What’s Next?

I am going to begin the process of querying agents.  Hence the fear.  Okay, it might be closer to abject terror.  Writing a book is such a long, personal experience.  It is unlike anything else I have ever done in my life.  And, having done it twice now, I can say writing a novel is a beautiful, horrible, amazing experience.  But at some point you have to set it free and put your work out into the world.

What If’s

I find myself full of what if’s.  What if I’m the only one who wants to read my book?  What if no one wants to publish it?  What if I’ve spent all this time engaged in an occupation and it is going nowhere fast?  Anyone who has engaged in a long-term endeavor must know this same fear.  Any creative person must fear the unknown of putting their work out into the cold, cruel world.


What do you think?  Have you been in this situation?  How did you manage your fears?  As always, FOLLOW MY BLOG on email, and hit the comments button ABOVE (especially now that I’ve fixed the stupid comment police).


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