San Diego Writer’s Ink

San Diego Writer’s Ink

I am slowly adding to the Writing Page.  Links to sites and organizations I have found to be helpful will be provided.  Out of respect, I added San Diego Writer’s Ink first.  I can honestly say that this marvelous group of people have given me far more than I can ever repay.  Over a twelve month period I completed the Advanced Novel Writing Certificate.

Walking into the room the first day, I was terrified.  Afraid that I wasn’t smart enough, or good enough to even think about writing.    With guidance, and support, I took the first tentative steps toward my new love: writing.  My teacher, the amazing T. Greenwood (check out her novels), helped us to discover the inner workings of a novel, giving us tools to help sort through the many decisions a writer must make.  Plot, character, conflict … inciting incident, doorways of no return.  So many components.

The best, and most difficult, component was sharing my writing with others.  Until I took my first class, the only other people who read my writing were my college professors and high school teachers;  I had successfully kept my love of writing a secret from everyone around me.  So, you can imagine my terror at actually letting someone else read and critique my writing.  Would they discover me for the fraud I believed I was?  Instead, my work was met with kind comments bringing out the best parts of the piece and suggestions for improvement.  Not scary after all.

The long and short … I have completed my second full length novel.  The goal this year is to get this second novel published.  (I am hard at work on revisions as we speak, and I will most likely be sharing this journey.)

Visit San Diego Writer’s Ink, take a class, attend a read and critique group,

Happy Writing!


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