Vienna . . . Day Two

Vienna . . . Day Two

I’m sitting here at the end of another magical day in Vienna, sipping a glass of white wine, quite content with myself.  We awoke this morning to the delightful sounds of a thunderstorm.  Heavy rain drops pelted against our window panes lulling us back to a warm, cozy sleep.

Hofburg Palace

But when we finally did rise, the Hofburg Palace called.  The spectacular opulence of the Hapsburgs laid out before us.  Jewels and furs, ornate furnishing and the remnants of a once formidable empire.  At the suggestion of Rick Steves (I can’t say enough about his advice, it is ALWAYS right) we bought the combination Sisi Pass that gave us access to both Hofburg and Schonbrunn.  The monetary savings was small, but the time-saving feature of jumping to the head of the queue was priceless.

Our Tour

We started with a  tour of the royal silver collection.  At first, it sounded rather boring.  But once we started along the audio guided path it was really quite interesting.  I had no idea how much room service for 8,000 took up.  Yes, you heard me, 8,000!! Once past the silver collection we ventured through the Sisi Museum.  Empress Elizabeth, or Sisi to her closest friends, is somewhat of a larger-than-life-legend in Vienna.  Beautiful, self-absorbed, misunderstood.  She was the Princess Diana of the late 1800’s.  Finally, we toured the state apartments. Grand room after grand room unfolded before us.  The most startling thing of all … the Emperor’s bed.  It was a smallish, simple bed in a fairly ordinary setting.  Nothing as grand as you’d expect.

The Treasury

We viewed what is arguably the best collection of jewels on the continent.

We saw jewels and crowns from 900 AD, spectacular robes of state.  Wow!  And, did you know there is an entire set of clothes worn by members of the “Order of the Golden Fleece”?

After a break, and a foot rest …

The Stadt Park

One of my favorite places in Vienna, green and lush.  It features one of the city’s most recognizable monuments.

Johann Strauss himself!

I forgot to photograph dinner.  We bought Kasekrainer.  For those of you (including me) who don’t speak German, it’s a sausage/hot dog/wurst type affair STUFFED WITH CHEESE on a bun.  Holy Moley was it good.  We ate and walked along the street, strolling by the windows and listening to street musicians.  All in all quite a magical evening.


Then this happened.

The hotel calls it, “The Belle Berry Sundae”  What can I say, except  Yum!

Now we are safely back in our hotel room, resting and enjoying the lovely breeze.  Tomorrow is a full day at Schonbrunn and schnitzel from the best in Vienna . . . so we need our rest.

Auf Wiedersehen and danke for reading.


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