Vienna: Schonbrunn and Schnitzel

Vienna: Schonbrunn and Schnitzel

Day Three and the eat-a-thon has commenced!

Vienna might just be my favorite city in the world, at least for now.  There is something truly magical about this place.  Alleyways lead to tiny, picturesque doorways and cobblestone courtyards.  A thousand years of history sits at every street corner.

Schonbrunn Palace

We started our day with the Grand Tour of Schonbrunn.  Here’s another Rick Steves’ tip that worked like a charm.  Purchase the “Sisi Pass” online ahead of time.  It gave us entrance yesterday into the Hofburg and today gave us instant access to Schonbrunn.  By purchasing ahead of time and printing the tickets ourselves, all we had to do was waltz up to the front door (notice my integration of the Viennese dance).

Schonbrunn never disappoints.  It’s only rival in Europe is Versailles.  Schonbrunn was the Hapsburg’s “Summer Palace” – you know for those times when you need a cozy little place to retreat to in the summer.  Room after room unfolded before us, each one more lavish than the next.  It is quite unbelievable to think about all the wealth and power held by one family. We finished our tour and sort of fell into a strudel making demonstration.  Okay, maybe we were looking for a cafe and found the strudel first and then realized they were doing a demonstration, but I digress . . .

Bring on the Schnitzel!

We met friends who live in Vienna for dinner.  When we first contacted them about getting together we had one request: find us the best schnitzel in Vienna.   Just like Schonbrunn, they didn’t disappoint.  We ate at Figlmuller.

Every guide to Vienna rates the schnitzel here as the absolute best in the city.  The portion was enormous, and the taste was unbelievable.  Figlmuller have been in operation since 1904.  At the suggestion of our waiter we had ligonberries on the side and a mixed salad with potatoes.  The schnitzel beat all of us.  It was so big that none of us were able to finish.

However we were able to squeeze a little dessert in to our tummies …

Kaiserschmarrn.  It sounds like a headcold (I’m a little under the weather with a kaiserschmarrn.)  But no . . . it’s actually fluffy pancakes cut into small pieces and FRIED, yes FRIED in butter, then coated with powdered sugar.  It was so good I have no words, other than delicious.

A Stroll through Vienna

We finished our evening with a gentle stroll through the small streets and alleys of Vienna, each one more charming and beautiful than the next. As I finish my day here in Vienna I am content, with a full stomach, and an evening full of memories.  Tomorrow brings our adventure aboard a riverboat on the Danube.

Enjoy… and danke for reading.



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