Welcome to Vienna

Welcome to Vienna

So, I’m a few days late in starting my blog.

Here’s a recap:

San Diego to SFO, overnight with the in-laws (Hi Ma!) Then SFO – CDG – VIE.  It all sounds so easy … that is until you find yourself halfway through a 6 hour layover in Paris(CDG) when you’re jet-lagged and sleep deprived.  Then you alternate between feeling as though you’ll make it (barely) and feeling as though you will literally die standing up.  It’s during said six-hour layover that you begin to contemplate life … and if that extra cookie you just ate was worth it.

But I digress…

Looks Like We Made It

We made it just fine to Vienna (as did our luggage).  For some reason, I had convinced myself that the luggage would end up in Siberia or Tonga.  So imagine my surprise when it appeared on the belt!  It was like a little gift from above.  Everyone knows that feeling … it’s as though you’ve just won the lottery when you see your suitcase on the belt.

Day One in Vienna:

We slept in.  Yes, you heard me, we slept like the dead.  Twelve glorious hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Horizontal sleep. (I might have fallen asleep sitting up in the Air France club, but there are no pictures so it can’t be proven.)  Okay, so after we slept in, we followed Rick Steve’s walking tour of the city to acquaint ourselves.

There was an amazing stop for Sacher Torte at Demel Cafe.


And then the Opera House!


We had a wonderful tour of the Vienna State Opera House.  The stage was gigantic.  I highly recommend a visit, well worth the seven Euros.

Boating on the Danube

Our final activity for the day was a picnic and boat excursion on the Danube.  It was an unexpected activity, but lovely.
Well, that was a fast post.  But now I’m up to date.  Tomorrow . . . Palaces and more Palaces.


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